As some of you might know the people from the GKV asked me to come back to work in the building again this year as artist in residence, for the whole season, beginning of May to end of October, they also said I could do everything I wanted.. Grinning, sooo I said yes to a full year of work, left other work on the back burner, designed and made 2 new installations and invited 3 international artists for 3 independent collaborations within the exhibit period.

I, however, did not take into consideration that the visitors loved the swings that much, did not know that the WDR did a program on Veere where they showed my (last years) work and that every day some dozens of visitors ask if they can swing the swings..

So after some soul searching, beer drinking and debating questions like ‘I have this concept for this year..’ ‘Does it fit in my brain..’  and ‘Am I providing an art piece or a playground?’ ‘Is it good to repeat a piece?.’ ‘ How will this effect my career?’ I decided we are indeed going to hang 3 swings on the right side of the building this week, for a period of time. Keep it to yourselves if you think I am bonkers or not :) but for me? I am seriously looking forward to some carefree swinging in that flippin’ church. So folks, if you are the swinging type.. ? See you there!

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3 thoughts on “Again.

  1. count me in. :):):)

  2. I love it. Do what pleases YOU! Time is to short to not do that. I only wish I could swing in the lovely swing.

  3. Now, I am not the right one to comment on the bonkers thing ;-) But, I think this is grand. I, too,loved the swings. And, if it makes people happy and it makes you happy, well then I think that when you searched your soul (and drank the beer ;-), that it led you in the right direction. And, I love the photo by the way…beautiful.

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