Okay.. it made cry..

As an artist you give what you can, you think deep, work hard, pay normally goes from nothing to zilch and sometimes things can be a tad herm.. how do I say this politely..

Today I had to go to the GKV again to hang up those flippin’ signs which say you can use the swings on your own risk. Any normal thinking human being would know so without suspecting otherwise, but hey, its 2014.. things changed. So, I was hanging the signs when I heard this gorgeous young adult call to her care-takers that the swings made her so happy it made her cry.

As you all know I am a tough bitch, ( ..not ) so I had to walk away.. But tears like these dry up easy and I went back and talked to the two girls and the ladies accompanying them, posed for the photo’s with them and went home again where I (yes honey that was me..) ate that half a bar of chocolate.

oh do come to the GKV this year to swing, also when it does not make you cry.









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2 thoughts on “Okay.. it made cry..

  1. This is the true way we are paid.

  2. Glad that you and your wonderful swings make people so happy….The world needs more of that. I never found you too awfully tough and scary ;-)

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